Friday, July 23, 2010

Top Google Search Terms

In a strange yet intriguing development, the search term "Obama Deception" was at the top of the list for weeks and on top of search terms for months after the release of a film by the same title by film producer/radio talk show host Alex Jones. The truly interesting part of the story is that those search terms miraculously disappeared overnight, suggesting that Google had removed them on purpose.

If that wasn't riveting enough, another article was released soon after describing how that Google was, according to some sources, closely aligned with the CIA and other secret agencies within the government. As if this article combined with the other stories wasn't exciting enough, YouTube, now owned by Google (there's that name again) erased the movie "The Obama Deception" from the Alex Jones channel. Normally when a person uploads a video again, the number of views counter is reset, even though it may be the same video. Once again, by a "miracle" the video was replaced with the counter set to the previous count.

Now there are those who see everything as a huge conspiracy and others who refuse to see any wrong-doing by corporations and governments. However, there are entirely too many coincidences developing from this emerging story to discount a conspiracy and too much factual evidence to discount the story altogether. What ever one thinks about this story, it will certainly prove to be another line in the saga associated with Alex Jones and his political views.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain. Some one is trying to squelch the free speech of Alex Jones. Regardless of whether you approve of his views or not, you should be scared out of your mind that Google, the government, YouTube, or anyone else is attempting to shut down the free speech of a fellow American. If they can do it to one individual, then they can do it to you as well, America! I would encourage everyone to send emails to Google, your congressmen, Senators, etc. and let them know that you will not allow your God-given freedoms to be limited or infringed, or taken from you. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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